IUCN Status

Does it matter if a species is ‘critically endangered’ or ‘vulnerable’? Who examines its conservation status and how? If its conservation status changes over time, what does that indicate? Why are some species rare but have a relatively ‘stable’ status while others are data deficient?

Rhacophorus calcadensis

Arboreal frogs and toads of India

Arboreal frogs and toads of India The bush and tree dwelling frogs are my favourite! Presenting a compilation of almost 40 species found in India. These colourful and curious creatures are threatened by widespread destruction and fragmentation of habitats that are crucial for their survival.

DJMPC – WPOTY – 2017

Awarded: WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR Competition: DJ MEMORIAL PHOTO CONTEST Year:  2017 Where:  INDIA Description: BROTHERS’ THRONE It was a magical evening in Nakuru that day. While it rained heavily, these two big boys perched themselves on a dead tree as if it was their throne. Sitting in the car and watching them soak up the…


Awarded:  THIRD PRIZE Competition: SANCTUARY ASIA WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS Year:  2014 Where:   INDIA Description: OUTFOXING THE SUN In the arid ravines that surround the Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, a desert fox Vulpes vulpes pusilla waits patiently in its den for the scorching sun to set. These habitats are fast being invaded by farmlands, quarries and sundry urban developments that…

DJMPC – WPOTY – 2013

Awarded:  WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR AWARD Competition:  DJ MEMORIAL PHOTO CONTEST Year:  2013 Where:  INDIA Description: A FUTILE ATTEMPT This young tiger was trying to establish a new territory after being ousted from his father’s territory. He would spend a lot of time in the grassland, which was new to him and was thriving with a numbers of…