Sachin Rai

I am from India and I travel the breadth of the country as well as other continents in search of rare, elusive and curious animals. I have been photographing wildlife and their threatened habitats for about two decades before which I was involved with a digital media design venture.

My first introduction to wildlife was on a visit to the Sundarban Tiger Reserve in eastern India in the late 90s. It was not easy to spot bigger animals, especially the tiger, and we ended up observing birds and smaller life forms for the most part. Looking back, I feel that this experience helped me appreciate nature in its entirety instead of a single animal.

Over the years, I have experimented with macro and wide-angle alongside portrait shots. My work attempts to portray the many moods of wildlife, from the tenderness expressed by a mother towards her child to the violent confrontations between beasts. More than anything, though, it strives to convey hope – for wildlife and for humanity. I would like my art to inspire curiosity about the natural world and help people reconnect with nature.

My photographs have been featured widely in national and international media. I am a recipient of numerous photography awards as well. Apart from birds and mammals, I love frogs and have helped re-discover a new species of frog in India called Ramanella anamalaeinsis, during one of my expeditions.

I co-run a travel and photography company in India called Toehold. I have mentored many aspiring photographers and led nearly a hundred tours and nature trails within and outside India, including destinations like Borneo, Tanzania, Brazil, Ethiopia, Madagascar, and most frequently, Kenya.

Below are some of the award winning images.