Nestled amidst mountains and bound by the rivers Chambal and Banas lies the land of tigers commonly known to be Ranthambore National Park. The picturesque forests of Ranthambore are India’s largest dry deciduous forests. Couple that with the easy sightings of the majestic royal Bengal tiger and you have what is easily one of the best destinations for any wildlife photographer to visit.  

There is a beautiful irony in the fact that the vast expansive lands of Ranthambore were once the famous hunting grounds of the Maharajas of Jaipur. Dotted with ancient ruins of empires that once were, Ranthambore is also home to a variety of fauna, such as leopards, caracals, rusty spotted-cats, sambars, sloth bears, jackals and many more. It is also host to rich avian life such as vultures, partridges, sand grouses and more. 


  • 4 nights and 3 full days exploring the incredible forest of Ranthambhore
  • Gives ample opportunities to photograph tigers in the wild
  • A whole array of other endemic fauna and flora
  • Expert natural-history and photography guidance by Skipper Sachin Rai


Date: Batch 01: April 11th to 15th
Batch 02: April 14th to 18th
Batch 03: June 6th t0 10th
Batch 04: June 9th to 13th

Mentor: Sachin Rai


Please note: This Tour commences at Ranthambhore on 11th April or 14th April or 6th June or 9th June, and end at the same place after breakfast on 15th April or 18th April or 10th June or 13th June.

With great excitement for the next three days, we arrive in Ranthambhore and check in to the hotel. After a round of mutual introduction, the Skipper briefs us on the Tour and we’re off to dinner and some shuteye. A lot is to come.

We depart with packed breakfast early in the morning. Full day permits allow us to be from Zone 1 to 5 till 9.30am. We will try to concentrate on one or two of the five zones and will plan our evening accordingly.

Ranthambhore has 1o different zones and we will have access to all five zones from 6.30am till 9.30am and again at 3.30pm till 6.30pm. From 9.30am till 3.30pm, we could roam around anywhere from Zone 6 to 10. We will keep shuffling between these depending on the tiger movements. While regular tourists exit the park at 9.30am, we will have the liberty to stay inside the park from dawn to dusk.

Our lunch will be sent to one of the gates and we shall pick that up and proceed for our safari again. We will spend most of the time around water holes in the afternoon so that we can get lucky with tiger sightings.

After spending close to 12 hours inside the park, we will come back to the property and meet up after freshening up to discuss and strategise the second days programme.

We leave early again and decide based on the previous days activity on which area to focus on. There are subadult cubs Zone 3 and we would concentrate on trying to track them down. The tigress in Zone 6 has small cubs and we should get lucky with them at least once during our tour.

It can get very hot in the afternoon and that would mean we might get lucky with some tiger sightings in the afternoon too. We could get lucky if some of them chose to come to the water body which has a little bit of shade, which makes it photographically productive too.

By the third day, we would have known the movements of certain individuals for sure. If we keep tracking one family, then it is quite easy to find out where they could be the next morning, particularly if they have made a kill.

We will spend our last day trying to ensure we have photographically good sightings as opposed to just increasing the count of number of tigers we have seen on the trip.

We check out after breakfast and take the cab back to Jaipur airport or the closest railway station based on what you all have booked for yourselves.


INR 91000


Per Person on Twin Share Accommodation

INR 180000


Per Person on Twin Share Accommodation

INR 88500


Per Person on Twin Share Accommodation

All prices above are excluding taxes. 5% GST would be applicable.

Patrons: Guests who have travelled with us on at least three photography tours.

Foreign nationals please contact us at contact@sachinrai.com for a quote.


    Anybody above the age of 18 (unless accompanied by an adult) and interested in nature and wildlife photography will enjoy this Tour thoroughly.

    Of course! This Tour is meant for newbies as well as experienced photographers. Beginners will get all the advantages of learning on and off the field from the photography mentors. In fact if you are a fresher, you should jump on this great photography learning opportunity and sign up right away!

    Since guests of our Tours travel from different parts of the country by different modes (road, rail and air) as per their preferences, it is convenient for the Tour to start from the destination. We will however provide the assistance you need in arranging your pick up and drop.

    Since it is a free roaming animal, it is never easy to commit to sightings. But considering that the photography mentor has travelled there multiple times every year for the last two decades, his in-depth knowledge of tigers and every individual for that matter, will surely help us get good sightings. Ranthambhore is known to be one of the finest places in India to see tigers.

    Because it is a full day photography tour, we would be limiting our group size to only 7 participants. We will be using two vehicles which means one vehicle will have the photography mentor and three participants while the other vehicle will have four participants.

    Absolutely yes! We will be happy to customise this tour for you based on your preferred dates. Kindly write to us and tell us your preferred time of travel and we shall get back to you with a tentative itinerary and quote. This tour can be with or without a photography guide.


      Dates don’t work for you?

      In case these dates do not work for you and you would wish to travel on your own at your own convenience dates, then do write to us.

      We will customise a tour for you on your preferred dates. This can be with or without a photography guide. We would ensure you have the best drivers, guides and will also suggest properties based on your preference.

      We have close to two decades of experience in the wildlife travel sector and will be able to guide you based on our own experience.