ToeholdToehold, a company that I co-run, is India’s leading player in the travel and photography industry. We offer a range of high-quality services that include Photography WorkshopsPhoto ToursCamera Rentals and Personalised Vacations.

It is a one-stop shop for photography professionals and enthusiasts alike, serving as a catalyst of self-expression, helping thousands discover the joy of travel.

With some of the planet’s best destinations on the calendar, our tours have something for everyone. We endeavour to make technical know-how less intimidating and more accessible by providing hands-on assistance during the photo-tours.

Pick from our exhaustive range of destinations to kickstart your journey, and let yourself loose in the world of photography and experiential travel.



Harvest In The Savannah
Harvest In The Savannah

Photograph the big cats and a plethora of other African attractions in the Mecca of wildlife in Masai Mara, Africa

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Big Cat Week

Move in with the big cats for a week, and see your admired documentaries come alive in the grand landscape of Masai Mara.

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Tiger Solstice
High on the Himalaya

For landscape photography salvation, get ‘High on the Himalaya’ on this Photography Tour to Leh, Ladakh

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Top Cat Tryst
Top Cat Tryst

Seeing a tiger in the wild is special enough, but making beautiful images of the animal can be a life-changing experience.

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The list above includes some of the tours that we have announced. Click here to see all the tours.



Photography can be a way of discovering the world and yourself in the process. But first, you need mastery over the basics and an intimate understanding of your tools. That’s exactly what the workshops deliver so that nothing stands in your way when you want to translate your vision into a beautiful image.

The Art & Science of Photography and Digital Post-Processing workshops are simply the best way of getting to grips with the fundamentals. What’s more? With presence in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Pune, they are in your backyard, too.


If you are a beginner who is baffled by technical jargon; if you’ve just got a camera and want to fully exploit its creative possibilities; if you’ve been using a camera for some time and are not satisfied with the kind of pictures you’re taking; if you want to leave the auto mode behind and unleash your imagination; if you would like to make images that outlast you, the Basics of Photography workshop is for you.

Delving into both the art and the science of photography, this workshop will demystify the subject and help you make the camera an extension of your body and mind.


It is a popular truism that processing cannot make a bad picture good, but it is equally true that without tasteful enhancements, a good picture may remain mediocre. Appropriate processing can reveal the hidden beauty of your images and make them shine.

The Digital Post-Processing workshop will help you navigate the otherwise complex world of post-processing, enabling you to discover the thin line between an image that is ‘overdone’ and an image with just the right amount of aesthetic enhancement.